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Whether you are a hairdresser or an aspiring one, or a professional looking to improve or hone your skills, the Dark and Lovely Academy is your trusted institution to take your expertise to the next level. If you are looking to enroll with us, please see more information below:

Full Accreditation Course

This is a comprehensive course in hairdressing. This full accreditation course will fully equip you for your trade test. You will be eligible to open your own salon or work in highly recognized salons. With this accreditation, you are eligible to apply to work on international cruise liners.

This Full Accreditation Course is for 3 years and costs R40 000

Short Courses

This is a specialized coursed carefully put together to cater to hairstylists who need to upgrade their skills, get certification or be abreast with current trends and practices in the industry.

This Short Courses are for 6 months and costs R6 000 each

Specialised Courses

The specialized course is a course focused on learning a specific hairstyle or styling technic, for all hair types. This includes barbering, natural hair designing, dread-locking competition and up-styling, etc. The Dark and Lovely Academy team to assist you in becoming a master in your style expertise.

These Specialised Courses are for 3 weeks and costs R3 000 each

Trade Test Preparation

This is an abridged course called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) test. This is a training designed to assist all hairdressers who have been employed for more than five years without any formal qualification to become accredited.

This Trade Test Preparation is for 2 weeks and costs R2 500