Our History

As an iconic brand, Dark and Lovely has been on a momentous journey with beautiful African women at the center of it all.

Our Milestones


The Beginning of Professional Expertise

We have been taking care of African hair with our professional expertise since 1972.

Blazing trails and living up to the boldness of women, we introduced the first hair colour dedicated to African American hair.

Our Game Changer

We gave women the confidence to turn streets into runways in 1978, giving them the option to go sleek and on fleek, with our first No-lye crème relaxer kit.



Not Just Any Shampoo

Dark and Lovely switched things up in the hair industry in 1982, we introduced our first neutralising shampoo. Our women kept flaunting and we kept flexing our professional expertise.


Professional Expertise for the Kids

In 1993, we introduced our first relaxer kit and maintenance range for African – American kids.



A Splash of Colour

Come 2012, we heard our women call and introduced our first Anti-dryness hair colour crème, tailor-made for African hair. Levels to hair goals went all the way up.

Natural Hair Expertise

During 2013, we launched our first hair care range for natural African hair.

Au Naturale Group 2



Bodifying Hair Relaxer

In 2015, we turned things up with our first Bodifying Relaxer. At last, a solution for all our African queens who wanted to relax their hair without losing volume and  bounce.

A Revolution of Stronger Hair

In 2020 we launched our 1st fertilising hair food to grow stronger hair for every African hair type, because we are for every woman.



INNOVATION! Protective Styles Expertise

And in 2021 we launched our 1st Protective Styles Range to maintain and nourish protective styles without water and keep it fresher for longer

Protective Styles Range