Natural Hair care tips you must know from your stylist

With the surge in numbers of people going natural, it is no wonder that choosing a brand can be overwhelming. A great idea is to consider the AU NATURALE range from Dark and Lovely. It has all and more that would need to cater to your natural tresses. Let me share with you, tips on caring for your natural hair types…. Whatever your curl pattern.


Keeping your hair and scalp clean

Healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp and a healthy scalp is linked to a clean scalp. However, it is important to know that overdoing it can cause you to lose the hair you're trying to grow. It is important not to over wash your hair as that could lead to dried out hair and tangles in the hair. When washing the hair , be sure to use lukewarm water instead of hot water as hot water would strip the hair of hydration and make it extremely dry afterwards. When choosing shampoos , choose sulphate free, oil replenishing or moisturizing shampoos to ensure that you are putting back natural oils and moisture in the hair during cleansing. Ensure to follow up your shampooing sessions with a conditioner or a deep conditioner to replenish the hair . For natural hair this step is extremely important as it creates balance in the hair and protects the hair until your next wash day.


In between shampoos

Ensure you have a consistent hair regimen in between shampoos days to keep your hair looking healthy daily. Dark and Lovely offers a dedicated range called Au Naturale that caters to your hair from wash days to wash days and every day in between. It is very important to understand your hair and what it needs to determine what leave –in products you would need to use daily, as well as what deep conditioners you would need to create your moisture protein balance and which type of shampoo you would need to cleanse your hair properly. It is important to review your hair regimen regularly to understand whether it is working for your hair and what is not. Everybody's hair responds differently in a way to all products.




Moisture, Moisture and More Moisture!

This is the first and most important rule in keeping your natural curls revived. Your AU NATURALE range from Dark and Lovely will keep the hair hydrated with locked in moisture. The Au Naturale Moisture Right Deep Nourishing Mask and the Au Naturale Hair Rescue Intensive Repairing Mask treatments applied onto freshly shampooed hair, will penetrate the hair shaft and enhance the moisture supply. If you have a steamer, then sit under it with your cap on, this will allow for even more moisture boosting.

The Au Naturale Curl Power Curl Activator Jelly is a lightweight formula for infusing moisture with a light hold and definition for your hair. This product activates your curls, controls fly-aways and frizzes.

Do not forget to drink between 6-8 glasses of fresh water daily. Hair might stop growing if not properly hydrated.



Image silk bonnet

Do the needful when sleeping

Ensure to sleep in a satin scarf or on a satin pillowcase every time. This is a must for all Natural hair types. A silk or satin head wrap will avoid frizzing, tangling and moisture loss. Your hair will maintain its manageability, suppleness and hydration. All this is maintained even before you style it.





Get over the “Scissor – Phobia”

We all dream or aspire to having long luscious hair. We all are equally reluctant to trim our hair from fear of losing length. The best way is to stress that all you need a trim, repeat this time with a finger indication of no more than an inch. You only exceed this limit when there is the need to. For example, when you have split ends, all the damaged hair will have to be trimmed to make room for the healthier hair.   To get over the fear of scissors, let us not use the word cut, instead place a slight emphasis on the word trim.

Not only will you have a great shape, you will also great curl reformation.


Still looking for a range to cater to your Natural Hair needs?           

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale range of products have been carefully formulated to cater to all types of curls, kinks and coils. The range is fortified with well researched ingredients to ensure the right moisture balance in your hair. Now discover the Au Naturale Range here!