A Weekly Hair Care Routine for Relaxed Hair To Retain Length


Weekly Regimen 2 imageMost women desire healthy, bouncy and luscious hair. However, to reach that goal, you need to take care of your hair regularly. You don't have to leave all the work to your hairstylist as there are few things you can do at home that can change your hair game for good.


Relaxed hair maintenance does not have to be tedious and expensive. The perfect routine for your relaxed hair is one that fits your schedule and budget. One of the most important things your hair truly needs to flourish is consistency, a great routine, and effective products.


Don't know how to create a hair maintenance routine for your relaxed hair? Don’t worry, we got you! Here's a quick regimen you can follow and recommended Dark and Lovely products that you can use on your healthy hair maintenance journey.


Shampoo & Condition your hair


A great shampoo to use is the Dark and Lovely 3-in-1 shampoo. This nourishing shampoo cleanses, detangles and moisturizes your sleek hair without stripping it of its natural moisture. Shampooing your hair often is very important, especially if you use a lot of products when styling.

A Shampoo helps get rid of product build-up, dirt, and excess oils. Be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo or  a shampoo infused with ingredients that replenish your hair at least once every 1 or 2 weeks.


Do a Deep Conditioning treatment or protein treatment


Doing a deep-conditioning treatment regularly is essential for your hair's health. For women who use a lot of heat and have dry, relaxed hair, try to do a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week to restore moisture and shine to your tresses. A great deep conditioner to use is the Dark and Lovely Alma Legend Replenishing Hair Mask.


Protein treatments are known to help repair damage and restore your hair's elasticity. There are various types of protein treatments, if you are experiencing extreme breakage, it's best to speak to a certified stylist before using any product. One product that's safe to use at home at least once a week is the Dark and Lovely Ultra Cholesterol Plus Intensive Treatment Mask.

After Rinse off, follow up with the Dark and Lovely Corrective Leave-in conditioner. This product is will further maintain suppleness and moisture in the hair. It is perfect for daily hair maintenance, it also strengthens your hair and prevents split ends, dryness, and breakage.


Weekly Regimen 1 imageMoisturize your hair.

Moisturizing your hair plays a major role in length retention and hair growth. Moisturized hair looks better, feels better, and is easier to style. There are a wide array of products to choose from to use when moisturizing your hair ranging from oil moisturizers to hair butter, hair food, and oils. To ensure you properly hydrate and lock moisture into your hair, try doing the LCO(Liquid, Cream, Oil ) method or the LOC (Liquid, Oil, Cream) method.

As the liquid, use water or the Dark and Lovely Total Repair 5 Oil Moisturiser or any of Dark and Lovely’s Oil Moisturisers. For the cream, opt for the Dark and Lovely GRO STRONG Anti-Breakage Hair Food, and to seal in all that moisture, use the Dark and Lovely Moisture Plus Satin Hair Oil.


In-between relaxers

Ensure that your relaxers and touch ups are conveniently spaced. It is advisable to wait four to six weeks before re-applying relaxers. If it is a touch up, apply relaxer to just the new growth. It is not advisable to apply relaxer immediately after taking out your braids or weaves. If you color treat your hair, wait for about four to six weeks before applying relaxer.



To see results after following this routine, you need to be consistent. Without consistency, you cannot reach your hair goals. So be intentional about your relaxed hair journey, have a hair journal if possible, or try adding your hair care schedule to the calendar on your phone. Be sure to share this article with friends and family. Also, tag us when you are flaunting your hair online on Instagram @darkandlovelyafrica.