The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Relaxer for your hair.

Choose Relaxer imageWith the vast amount of relaxers in the market, choosing the right relaxer can be quite challenging. Most women tend to think that all relaxers do the same thing, while they all chemically relax your hair they are not all perfect for your hair type and thus won't give you the results you desire.


There are loads of things to consider before choosing a relaxer, if you have access to a certified hairstylist he or she will be able to select one that's perfect for you. However, if you are stuck at  the aisles of a hair store or you are in a supermarket and you are overwhelmed with the choices they have there, here's a quick guide to helping you choose a Dark and Lovely relaxer that would work for you:




Choose Relaxer 1 imageTo pick the best relaxer, you need to know your hair texture. Women with thin & smooth hair strands have fine hair, while women with super thick, coily hair have coarse hair.  If your hair is a bit of both then you have a medium texture.



Now that you know your hair texture, you need to select the correct relaxer strength formula that would work for your hair. Relaxers typically come in three strengths: Fine, Regular, and Super.

Choose Relaxer 2 imageIf your hair texture is fine, opt for the Fine strength formula. A great relaxer to use is the Dark and Lovely Beautiful Beginnings Scalp Care No-Lye Relaxer Kit ( Fine).

Whereas if you have medium texture, choose the Regular formula.  The Dark and Lovely Superior Moisture Plus relaxer (Regular) should be your go-to.

For women with coarse hair, go for the Super formula. Consider using The Dark and Lovely Superior Moisture Plus relaxer (Super).


However, it is important to note that just because your hair is naturally thick does not mean you need to use a Super strength relaxer.  You might have thick hair but with fine hair strands. If you fit into this category, consult a hairstylist first before making a decision.



When choosing a relaxer, you can also consider the properties of the formula and the ingredients. There are mainly two types of relaxer formulas: The No-Lye Formula & The Lye Formula.

Lye relaxers typically come pre-mixed in a tub and are known to give you straighter hair. Lye relaxers like any other chemical products, can cause scalp irritations if used incorrectly. These tub relaxers come in different strengths as well. Here are some of the lye relaxers from Dark and Lovely, carefully formulated to cater to your needs; Choose Relaxer 4 image



Relaxed hair with a bounce: Fat Protein Bodifying Relaxer Regular, Fat Protein Bodifying Relaxer Super

Relaxed Hair with a silky feel: Precise Diamond Relaxer Regular, Precise Diamond Relaxer Super

No-lye relaxers usually come in a kit and you are sometimes required to mix portions to activate the relaxer.  With No-lye relaxers, you can choose your preferred relaxer strength as well based on your hair type.

No-Lye relaxer kits specially formulated for kids and fine hair: Beautiful Beginnings Scalp Care No-Lye Relaxer Kit Fine and Beautiful Beginnings Scalp Care No-Lye Relaxer Kit Normal

No-Lye relaxer kits specially formulated for medium to coarse hair: Dark and Lovely superior Moisture Plus Relaxer Regular and Dark and Lovely Relaxer Superior Moisture Plus Kit Super.

Most Dark and Lovely relaxers, whether lye or no-Lye, have been carefully formulated with the finest ingredients that will gently relax, nourish, and leave your sleek hair looking luscious & healthy.