Inspired by Our Consumers

Innovations are mainly driven with the consumer at the center. It starts with gathering insights on consumer needs and identifying a gap within the needs that we can provide solutions. Then we further research into how the consumer can derive maximum benefits from our innovative solutions. Most innovations are driving by largely solving consumer needs and providing tailor made solutions to consumers.

Universalization of Beauty at L'Oréal Through Science

Universalization is globalization that respects and encourages local differences (Jean-Paul Agon, 2014) This entails mainly leveraging the commonality of beauty and providing personalized solution to consumers. For each product category, there is always a region in the world where consumers have the most expertise and are most demanding. For instance, 

South African women are the most demanding when it comes to relaxer usage;
West African women are the most demanding when it comes to hair pomades and hair foods; and
Kenyan women are most demanding wrt natural hair products

If we manage to satisfy these consumers 'the champion consumers' we are sure to meet, and even anticipate, the needs of all consumers around the world.

This is why L'Oréal leverages the global knowledge in science and research to offer solutions that are tailored to specific beauty needs.